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Wellness Model

Wellness is an active process of examining options, making choices, and taking actions to improve human flourishing by pursuing an optimal combination of intellectual engagement, trusting and supportive relationships, satisfying work and leisure, financial security, a safe and comfortable living environment, a healthy body, happiness, and a sense of purpose and meaning in life. The above Venn Diagram features clickable links of the eight overlapping and interconnected domains that collectively comprise an individual's wellness. To learn more about wellness and this Wellness Model, click here.

Intellectual Well-being

Expanding knowledge and improving skills through curiosity and an openness to new ideas and experiences, critical thinking and problem solving, engaging in creativity, and seeking mentally stimulating challenges in the pursuit of lifelong learning. To learn more about Intellectual Well-being, click here.

Existential/Spiritual Well-being

Developing and pursuing a sense of purpose and meaning in life that are consistent with a personally held belief system of morals, values, and ethics. To learn more about Existential Well-being, click here.

Emotional Well-being

Developing high self-esteem through introspective self-awareness and compassionate self-acceptance, resilience to stress and adversity, and effective management and constructive expression of a wide range of feelings. To learn more about Emotional Well-being, click here.

Financial Well-being

Managing personal assets and liabilities through appropriate budgeting, investing, and spending to ensure the means for a comfortable existence for oneself and dependents in both the short- and long-term. To learn more about Financial Well-being, click here.

Occupational & Recreational Well-being

Earning acceptable financial compensation and benefits for doing work that is personally satisfying and meaningful, and directly or indirectly has a positive impact on others. To learn more about Occupational Well-being, click here.

Environmental Well-being

Enjoying safe, secure, and comfortable immediate surroundings that provide for reasonable access to desirable amenities within the greater contexts of community, culture, and nature. To learn more about Environmental Well-being, click here.

Social Well-being

Developing and maintaining mutually beneficial interpersonal relationships generally involving some level of care and concern for one another, some form of effective communication, and some sense of trust in one another. To learn more about Social Well-being, click here.

Physical Well-being

Improving the health of, and preventing and treating injuries and illnesses to, the human body in an effort to facilitate optimal functioning and longevity. To learn more about Physical Well-being, click here.

If you have questions or feedback about this wellness model, please feel welcomed to post to my blog or send me an email at the below address and I will be glad to respond.

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